Parkdale Villas

Parkdale Villas is a 12-unit condominium property located in the West Ashley area of Charleston, SC.

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Parkdale Villas Interior

About Parkdale Villas

The Property

Parkdale Villas was built in 1979, and has been occupied since 1980. The property is conveniently located just off Savannah Highway, minutes from North Charleston or Daniel Island via I-526, and an easy commute to downtown or Mt. Pleasant.

The Regime

Parkdale Villas Horizontal Property Regime is a non-profit organization formed in 1980. It is an administrative body composed of owner-officers. The main function of the regime is to pay bills that involve the entire building, and to assist owners and their realtors when they buy or sell their units.

Examples of regime responsibilities include the roof replacement done in 2020. Property and flood insurance are maintained by the regime. The policies cover the entire building.

Regime fees: the monthly fee is $200, which is required for all owners

Pay Your Regime Fees Securely Online

Putting a check in the mail every month is inconvenient. So don't so it! Make your Parkdale Villas regime payments online. You won't have to pay for a stamp, remember to mail the check, or worry about it getting lost in the mail.

All payments are processed by Stripe, the same payment portal used by Amazon, Google, and millions of other businesses. Nobody at the Parkdale regime will see your credit card number, or have any access to your information.


Auto-pay using a credit card is the most convenient option for most owners. With this option, your payment will be made securely and automatically every month.

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